Short reflection of 2016

I was so busy on the 31st and the first spending time with family to actually reflect on 2016 and write about it. Now sitting down and thinking of my year, it feels as if last January was years ago. My year was full of successes, difficulties, experiences, and many others. I started writing my personal blog, became the Director of Blog from SWAG to College, interned with EMERGE, made it to Dean’s List for the second year in a row, was accepted to my study abroad program, worked at the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Smith and planned several events for students of color and First Generation, had the privilege of being a Sophomore Push and leading my house’s graduating seniors into Commencement (Capen Love!), met Smith alums from all over the country and world, saw Viola Davis speak, traveled across the ocean to complete my first semester of study abroad, met new people and became close friends with a few people that I know will always be my friend, I visited Paris for the first time, I traveled to Morocco, and I finally realized what I want to do after I graduate (something that will come in more detail on a different blog).

It was also a year full of difficulties and doubts: I spent most of the year without seeing my niece and nephew and saw my nephew cry as I passed through security to get the plane and start my journey to Spain. I spent a majority of the year being undecided, confused, afraid, and lost as to what my future would look like. I seemed to have lost the focus that I used to have on what my future would be. However, at the same time, I believe it was the best thing to happen to me. It gave me a fresh mind to remember what I truly want to do, what I stand for, and realized there are two kids who look up to me and two parents who have sacrificed everything they had to for my brother and me.

I have been trying to think of a 2016 highlight, but honestly, I was blessed beyond what I could have imagined and have more than only one best moment. I can only hope that 2017 is full of success, knowledge, achievements, fun, travel, health, blessings, and that I never lose hope for my future, even when I am being pessimistic. I already know this new year will be the busiest year, but I know it will all be worth it.

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