Quick Update from Life Abroad… and Pictures

It has been a while since I write a blog, and in this time, I have traveled to Morocco, built close friendships with people I only talked once before, adjusted to classes, attended an amazing flamenco show and the after-party, and bought some great leather boots for winter! Morocco was a beautiful experience, one that opened my eyes to my level of privilege. I also experienced a new and beautiful culture. During my time here, I have become close friends with 3 people from my college whom I have only talked to once or not at all. I have also adjusted to classes, both from the program and direct matriculation. And, those leather boots… I found some amazing tall leather boots with such a great grip that I could probably use them in the Northeast snow — at least the first part of the snow, and not during the blizzards. I also went to a flamenco show that lasted an hour and a half and had 5 different performers — 2 singers, 2 dances, 1 guitarist. The male dancer had won the Premio Nacional de Danza, the highest honor and award. And, after the show, the performers invited for the “after-party”, where they sung and danced the night away. Lastly, today, there was an art exhibition about el Día de los Muertos, traditionally celebrated in México, and it had information on the history of it. The exhibition also had an altar, with pictures and food for those who have passed. It was beautiful seeing something so important for my culture while being abroad.


My experience in Morocco will come on another post. In the meantime, here are some pictures of the past few weeks!


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